Snobal data

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Data residency

Snobal use AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure offering over 175 fully featured services from data centres globally. At present, the infrastructure for our Australian clients is hosted on Amazon AWS in Sydney.

All data stored on Snobal is backed up as part of the service.


There are no particular bandwidth requirements for Snobal. The content required to run a virtual reality or augmented reality experience can be substantial (100s of MB) but this can be downloaded in advance.

User activity logs

If the headset goes offline accidentally, Snobal will still be able to capture user activity in the virtual environment. Currently this user activity would not get logged to the session though there would be recordings of the user activity on headset (device) logs.

When the device connects to a wifi network and user logs in via the Snobal, it will flush all the events and logs of what occurred while the device was disconnected.

Data reporting

Snobal includes access to a web based insight dashboard which can be tailored to a customers requirements and needs. The insight dashboard can report information back from the virtual environment that the customer requires visibility on. For example user eye tracking, or user interaction within the virtual environment.