Getting started: Snobal APK

For those who are using Snobal as a deployment platform for their VR apps, follow the below instructions.

Accept invitation

You will have received an email invitation to Snobal.
Accept your invitation by clicking the button in the invitation email.
If you have not received an invitation email, please ask your Snobal Account Manager to send an invitation.

Create a password

Once the invitation to the site has been accepted you will be prompted to create a password.
Password must be 10 characters long.
You will use this password next time you access Snobal.

Welcome to Snobal
Welcome to Snobal, you may now begin to explore the platform.
Now that you have access, you may return to the platform at any time, from any device.

Hint: Bookmark your URL and remember your password.

Device Management
Follow this process for Device Management.