Glossary of Key Terms

Deployment profile – this enables the assigning of a VR App or collection of VR Apps to a specific headset or device. When a device is paired to Snobal a Deployment Profile will automatically check the profile assigned and download the correct VR Apps for that device.

Activity – An activity is a group of tasks the attendee needs to complete. An Activity generally has a pass or fail. That is, if an attendee fails 50% of the tasks then they fail the activity.

Attendees – Attendees typically do not have access to the Snobal dashboard. Attendees are experience users. Typically an attendee is an end-user of a virtual experience.

Login – Connecting to Snobal backend using pairing information. Needs to be called each time VR/AR application starts.

Media – Snobal enables organisations to upload media (JPEG, PNG, MP4, WAV or GLB) and then assign media to appear on a screen in an allocated room. Media is uploaded and assigned via the Snobal web dashboard.

Pairing – The process of assigning a VR device to Snobal backend. Typically done only once when installing VR/ AR application via Snobal deployment.

Rooms – these are virtual rooms or locations that your team or customers have access to on the Snobal platform. Generally as part of an organisations subscription to Snobal they will receive access to a specified number of rooms or virtual locations from which to meet, present or collaborate.

Snobal Cloud App – this App is downloaded from the device App store (eg Pico app store) and pairs your headset to your organisations Snobal account.

Snobal App – this App is downloaded after you download the Snobal Cloud App and enables the deliery of your VR Apps and virtual experiences.

Task – This is a single thing the attendee is required to do. Generally, a task has a pass or fail.

Users – People that have access and login to the Snobal web dashboard.

VR Apps – from the Snobal web dashboard you can upload VR Apps and have then accessible within VR. VR Apps can be built by Snobal, by your organiastions, by a third party developer of your choice or a mixture of all three. VR Apps will need to be built using the Snobal SDK.