Headset hygiene

Check kit
Ensure you have the following items:
– Hand sanitiser (alcohol based)
– Antibacterial wipes (skin-friendly, non-alcohol based, non-abrasive)

If you do not have access to these items, do not touch the headset or equipment — ask for assistance.

Sanitise hands
Before touching the headset, hand controllers or any equipment, sanitise your hands with an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

Sanitise headset
Sanitise the headset and hand controllers with antibacterial wipes (skin-friendly, non-alcohol based, non-abrasive).

Ensure you have wiped the entire headset including the body, the head support, the faceplate and the controllers.

If the lenses need to be cleaned, use a non-alcohol based lens cleaner. Do not use antibacterial or alcohol based wipes on the lenses as this may damage them.

Discard wipes immediately after use in a closed bin.

Please complete the above steps before and after using the headset.