Pico Neo 2 headset details

The Pico is an all-in-one solution designed to support virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) experiences. It is a completely wireless solution.

Hand controller
The controllers act as an extension to your hands in the virtual environment, use them to point towards objects and then use the trigger to make a selection.

When you have put the headset on, you will be able to bring the hand controllers towards your face to see the button labels appear. Please note, the button functionality is dependant on your experience.

Charging of the headset and controllers is done via USB-C cables that you will find as part of your kit. We recommend charging via a power outlet when possible (not via a computer). This will enable the headset to charge faster.

Boundary setup
Ensure you have a clear area around you, we recommend a 3m x 3m space for most experiences. The boundary setup process ensures the headset knows how much space you have around you.

Follow the directions inside the headset. You will need to set the floor height and then draw the boundary using your controller. When you finish, the blue grid represents your boundary. This will appear during your experiences when you are getting close to the edge to warn you from walking into anything.

If you wish to reset the boundary at anytime, you may do so by clicking the ‘Play Boundary Setting’ tile from the Pico Home menu.

Volume on the Pico Neo 2 can be controlled on the bottom left corner of the headset. Alternatively, you may also use headphones, plug them into the audio jack at the bottom right of the headset.

Wi-Fi connection
All Snobal XR experiences are delivered via the cloud, it is therefore important to make sure your headset is connected to the internet. This will ensure you have the most up to date content and so that all your experience interactions are captured.

Step 1: Select the Wi-Fi symbol at the top of the home screen.
Step 2: Choose a network
Step 3: Enter Wi-Fi network details