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Snobal was founded in 2014 with the simple premise of making it easy for business  to use virtual reality  and augmented reality (XR) to solve mission critical problems.

The company is one of the world’s earliest technology companies working exclusively in virtual reality for business. Today the company has a fast growing team working remotely across Australia. It is a journey that is still evolving.


Snobal co-founders, Ann Nolan and Murray James. Photo: Chris Hopkins.


Customers making impact

Snobal’s XR software and solutions cover various lines of businesses, including design collaboration, design review and testing; asset planning and maintenance; training and marketing.

Why 'Snobal'?

Snobal is part of a story that began nearly 40 years ago.

In May 1984, Jane Snowball, a 72 year old grandmother from Gateshead UK put an order for margarine, cornflakes and eggs through to her local Tesco from her television remote control.

She was part of a local council program – The Gateshead Shopping Experiment – to help the elderly with mobility problems. At the time little did Jane Snowball or indeed Michael Aldrich (creator of the technology through which Ms Snowball placed the order) know that she was to become the first person in the world to make an online shopping order from home.

When Ann and Murray came across this article they felt they had found the inspiration for what to call their company.


“We loved how the first online shopping order placed from home had a vision of using emerging technology to make someone’s life easier. To enable an elderly person to purchase their weekly groceries conveniently and easily. And from this a billion dollar industry has been created empowering small businesses to have global reach and impact. It has been truly transformative”. – Ann Nolan

While not focused on ecommerce or retail per se, Snobal is part of this story that began in 1984.

What the next generation brings in terms of the intersection of virtual reality, augmented reality and human interaction remains to be seen even within business. But we do know that enabling people to better communicate collaborate and understand their environments and information will be key.


Awards and recognition


Awarded Victorian Merit Recipient Winner for 2015 iAwards

June 2015


Selected for HTC ViveX Global Accelerator Program (Batch II)

March 2017


Invited to the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for 2017

May 2017


Irish Chamber of Commerce
2019 Finalist

December 2019


LearnX Live 2020 -
Gold: Best use of technology in learning
(Snobal and JB Hunter)

September 2020


LearnX Live 2020 - Platinum: Best (VR) hard skills training project (Snobal and JB Hunter)

September 2020


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Our leadership team

We're a diverse mix of multi-disciplinary creatives and engineers, led by an experienced senior leadership team.


Murray James

Co-Founder, CEO /CTO

Ann Nolan

Co-founder & CGO

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If you would like to learn more about working at Snobal please view current openings on our careers page. Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about our solutions, get in touch with us!