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 Snobal VR collaboration updates are guided by customer feedback and requests.
Here you will find all the latest updates on the platform as well as a sneak-peek into future updates too.


Revamped rotation tool and media tagging


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2789  – 04.11.22

  • Camera tool upload
  • Revamped 3D scale/rotation tool.
  • Generic lobby added
  • Media tagging complete. Users can now set the initial media for all screens in the environment

Background music in rooms


Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.2649 – 21.10.22

  • Ability to have allocated background music in each room
  • Tool tips added in VR rooms to support users
  • Camera tool UI (takes photos and saves to local HMD)

Technical updates and UI enhancements


Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.2489 – 07.10.22

  • Updated Pico SDK. Required for Pico 4. Done for both for Snobal VR & Snobal Deploy
  • Updated Unity Version
  • SDK clean up
  • Game 4- Battleships
  • Tenant flags for Web browser home page, Photon region code
  • Multiple SFX improvements
  • Improvement 3D model loading

Changed Game Zone menu to the Trigger button instead of a hover


Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.2363 – 26.09.22

Changed Game Zone menu to the Trigger button instead of a hover

New Room added and UX enhancments


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2363

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR.

Update details:

  • Changed game zone menu to the Trigger button instead of a hover
  • New game zone setup – instructions and switching current game
  • Web browser URL sharing. Built for third party software (name witheld) integration, but useful for sharing any web browser in the VR environment
  • Add a mirror in the connect room so users can see the selected avatar

Games refinement and UI enhancements


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2206

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR.

Update details:

  • Development login/initial scene for rapid development (internal feature)
  • Game Zones – Allows user to select with game to play in activity room
  • Interactable objects in Reception Hall – 2 Rubik cubes added to start with
  • First pass third party software integration (name withheld) added
  • Controller help disabled
  • Indication or flag to user to change the initial scene
  • “Mute” mutes all SFX’s from the muted person. ie Muted person using a ball gun, SFX from ball gun is muted

Added new games for team building and ice breakers


Release: Snobal VR 2022 Ver 1.00.2109

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR.

Update details:

  • Added game 3 – Chess
  • Removed racetrack
  • SFX’s added for the Campfire environment and games Who am I, Chess and First to 4 (customer specific)
  • First to 4 bug fixes
  • Multiple polish items, text updates.
  • Third party software integration (software name witheld) – Scale & rotate sticky note. Added tenant flag for enabling/disabling mural based on tenant.
  • Hand controller help added

Ready for Pico 480 OS


Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.1993

This minor release includes improvements to Snobal VR.

Update details:

  • Added progress bar to Snobal during installation
  • Added ability to uninstall Snobal
  • Successfully completed testing in preparation for Pico 480 OS release

    Ice-breaker activity for team meetings


    Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.1922

    This minor release adds a new feature and includes improvements to Snobal VR.

    Update details:

    • Added a new Ball Gun tool which fires balls for everybody to see
    • Changed the model for the Confetti Gun so that it appears more friendly and fun
    • Fixed a bug which caused the native android keyboard to flash in front of camera when using the embedded web browser

      Embedded Web Browser, Microphone and Confetti Gun


      Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.1831

      This major release adds a number of new features to Snobal VR.

      Update details:

      • Added an Embedded Web Browser which can be used to browse and present websites within the VR environment
      • Added a new Microphone tool which prevents the holder’s voice from falling off with distance, allowing a user to be heard clearly by everyone in the room
      • Added a new Confetti Gun tool which fires bursts of confetti for everybody to see

      Other general improvements:

      • The tool belt layout has been improved with a new curved design

      Enhanced user experience in Snobal VR


      Release: Snobal VR 2022  Ver 1.00.1333

      This release is a major release to Snobal’s VR

      Update details:

      • Infinity room to load and view 1:1 scaled models – factories, aircraft, ships etc.
      • 3D model controls – scale & rotate 3D models.
      • More Breakout rooms were added to the Reception Hall, Command Room & Amphitheatre spaces – for team breakouts and private meetings for example.
      • Whole of room voice broadcast from the Auditorium podium
      • Crowd Control – ability to mute and kick attendees from the virtual environment
      • Table Manners – teleport to and auto orientate view for group meetings
      • Launch VR apps from within Snobal VR – ideal for launching your VR training and assessment applications as part of a curriculum

      Other general improvements:

      • Network reconnection upon Internet droppages.
      • CI/CD setup for Pico Neo3,HTC Focus, and Windows builds
      • Multiple Scalability improvements
      • Big reduction in Avatar RAM usage:
        • LOD system for Avatars
        • Enable/Disable lip-sync based on distance
        • Improved logic to reduce Avatar transform traffic
        • Enabled Foveated rendering




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